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Solidarity With Anti-Fascists In Russia

Antifa.Net [1] International Appeal

Russia Solidarity [2]ANTI-FASCISTS are under attack in Russia. Intimidation, terror and murder by a new generation of neo-nazis are daily occurrences. The wave of violence reached a peak this summer when film of the cold-blooded fascist assassination of two people was posted on the internet.

That this is occurring in a country that lost many millions of people to Hitler’s Nazis in the Second World War is even more shocking.

The facts speak for themselves:

President Putin has promised to stamp out rightwing extremism but has done little. Anti-fascists are not only few in number but are politically isolated in the face of an enemy that whips up hatred and brutality against immigrants and national, ethnic, religious and sexual minorities. Merely “looking anti-fascist??? means being targeted by the nazis who patrol parts of most Russian cities looking for victims. In St Petersburg and Moscow, nazis gather intelligence to track down anti-fascists, and attack and, in some cases murder them.

Earlier anti-fascist campaigns against the public use of fascist symbols and the sale of racist propaganda achieved some success but the nazis reacted by murdering Professor Nikolai Girenko, one of the most highprofile anti-fascist specialists who had supported these campaigns, at his St Petersburg home.

The authorities talk proudly of the war against Hitler but do so now from a nationalist standpoint. The nazis claim to be defending “Russian identity??? and “the interests of the Russian nation??? and the toleration of violent nazi gangs stems from the fact that Russian nationalism is touted, even officially, as a remedy for the continuing feelings of defeat resulting from the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Anti-fascists in Russia now desperately need financial and material assistance but cannot generate this themselves. With funds, they can produce leaflets, organise campaigns and pay for lawyers. They can also build up a more organised, modern, computer-linked infrastructure to create proper networks of resistance.

This can only come about through the international solidarity of progressive people, and all anti-fascists and anti-racists outside Russia.

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